The Brilliant Laundry Group and LCC Eurotex Clothing Ltd have formed a strategic alliance to offer competitive and fully managed workwear purchase, rental and laundry services to BRC Retail members.

Brilliant Laundry

Brilliant is an orchestrator of commercial laundry services across the UK, ideally suited to serving the Food Manufacturing, Packaging and Transport market sectors. We deliver a national service, delivered locally by our network of laundries, with Group contracts managed centrally at Brilliant HQ. With a fastidious approach to quality, efficiency and reliability, we are committed to providing good, honest, authentic customer service.

We have the technical competence to provide the high levels of service dictated by the food industry and its governing bodies. With multi-million £ investment in recent years we've created world-class laundries to serve your industry at the highest level. All sites have been subject to the scrutiny of numerous audits, giving us a proven, successful track record.

We provide full audit trails, management reports and wearer analysis on a wide range of standard and bespoke garments chosen to ideally suit the particular working environments of all personnel in the food industry.

At Brilliant we believe we understand the importance of workwear to the Food Industry and work hard to live up to our name by providing a workwear service to specifically designed to meet the complex needs of this demanding sector.

To find out how this service can benefit you please contact Richard Sewell, Brilliant Laundry email

LCC Eurotex - Workwear Products

Our strong working relationships with our garment manufacturers, particularly LCC Eurotex have been built over many years. We only use suppliers that we think are "brilliant" and that share our high standards, providing quality products and an efficient service with an ongoing commitment to being forerunners in their industry.

Working closely with LCC Eurotex we have developed a range of standard and bespoke garments specifically designed and manufactured for the food industry. These include: coats, boilersuits, tunics, jackets and trousers together with headwear and those all-important clogs. If desired, all items can be customised to reflect a customer's corporate image through, for example, the incorporation of contrast colour collars / garment panels or through the fitting of a badge / embroidered logo. We are extremely flexible and have an extensive library of styles to call upon – try us on.

In addition to the high and low risk food manufacturing areas you'll find a full range of workwear for all other areas of your organisation too: warehouse, transport, maintenance and even receptionists and secretarial staff.

"Whole Life" Managed Workwear Services

Providing your workforce with the correct garments for their job is only half the story. We also provide a finely-tuned managed workwear service, where all the clever stuff happens to give our service the edge. It's all about providing and laundering your workwear and managing it to maximum effect from date of issue to eventual replacement at the end of its working life. We monitor, oversee, identify and report on every aspect of the service you receive from us, tweak stuff, and tell you things you didn't realise were worth knowing. We're have an innovative approach with a passion for doing the best job.

  • Your Workforce - given the appropriate garments for their job, properly maintained and available when and where needed
  • Your Managers - empowered with relevant, revealing and really useful Management information gleaned from our garment tracking systems, available on request via email or a secure login from our website
  • Your Buyers - getting the best deal without getting tied-up in a complex and often one sided contracts

Additional Services

Locker Systems -Choose from a traditional off-the-shelf locker rental system or a bespoke solution where our own Brilliant people could manage all aspects of the service on-site on your behalf.

Washroom Services - A regular service providing all the gadgets and goodies to keep this most important facility looking great for your staff and guests.

Floor Protection - A ‘Lift & Lay' mat service for every entrance, high traffic area and working environment. The right mat in the right place will dramatically reduce cleaning costs, extend the life and enhance the look of your internal flooring, improving the working environment for your people.

Workwear Provision with Vision and Stability

We're not just Brilliant at laundering and managing your workwear. We're pretty good at the business and organisational side of things too, because we appreciate that's just as important.
We work closely with many big global brands, developing a workwear offering that is totally in-tune with customers' needs.

Every ounce of our specialist knowledge and experience has been used to develop one of the most thought-through, forward-thinking managed workwear rental services out there. We'd love you to put us to the test!

Because of the way Brilliant is structured, we offer a high degree of stability, guaranteeing continuity of service, underwritten by all our partner companies. This promise is backed-up with a 100% Disaster Recovery Record over the past 10 years (one of the most turbulent decades globally and within our particular industry).

Green Credentials

We consciously manage every aspect of our operation to be as environmentally sound as possible. All our laundries have or are working towards ISO 14001 accreditation, with one of our leading laundries being the most energy and water efficient in the country. Using us for your laundry will have a positive impact on your carbon footprint.

To find out how this service can benefit you please contact Richard Thomas, LCC Clothing email