What is food safety culture excellence?

Many organisations are beginning to realise that despite investment in food safety training, system implementation and auditing, something is still missing. This ‘something’ is the assessment of their food safety culture, which until now has been very difficult to measure.

Behaviour-based systems for measuring food safety complements the normal risk-based, system and process checks, as it offers insight into what employees really think and understand about food safety.




Taylor Shannon International (TSI) are industry leaders in the fields of food safety, management, education and organisational culture, and have developed an assessment of food safety culture, converting what is often a broad or blurry concept into a measureable score and analysis which, if repeated annually, provides a baseline with which to compare the success of ongoing investments and changes. This is based on over 15 years of research.

BRC Global Standards can now offer sites and specifiers a measure of food safety culture through our additional module that is conducted after the normal audit process through an assessment questionnaire to employees across all levels.