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About additional modules

In addition to the core BRC Global Standard we have developed a range of Additional Modules that can be added to the normal audit process. This offers some great customer advantages:-

  • Reduce audit burden (and therefore cost) by including requirements that historically needed a separate audit (for example, 2nd party audits)
  • Meet specific geographic or customer needs, especially when a specifier wants additional requirements to complement Issue 7
  • Apply to particular types of operation or look in greater detail at a particular market concern (gluten free, FSMA or organisational food safety culture)


How does it work?

When a site wants to adopt any of our Additional Modules they must notify their chosen certification body in advance of the BRC Global Standards audit.

  • The BRC Global Standard and any Additional Module requirements are audited together (this may increase the total duration of the audit depending on the number of requirements in the Additional Module)
  • Non-conformities for both the BRC Global Standard and the Additional Module will be identified during the audit. However, non-conformities against requirements of the Additional Module are NOT included in the assessment of grading for the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 7
  • Non-conformities relating to the Additional Module must be corrected and evidence provided alongside any from the BRC Global Standard
  • There is no grading of the Additional Module, but rather a pass/fail 
  • Additional Module 8: Traded Goods


    Traded goods (sometimes referred to as factored goods) are products that are purchased and stored at the site prior to sale to customers, but are not manufactured, further processed or repacked at the site. This Additional Module allows traded goods to be incorporated into the scope of the BRC Global Standards audit.

  • Additional Module 9: Management of Food Materials for Animal Feed


    This Additional Module 9 - Management of Food Materials for Animal Feed is applicable to food manufacturers whose primary output is the production of food products for human consumption. The Additional Module covers food products that are no longer intended for human consumption but are supplied, either directly or indirectly, for use in farmed animal feed. The Additional Module may be used globally; however, it has been produced with specific reference to European legislation.

  • Additional Module 10: GLOBAL G.A.P. Chain of Custody


    The Additional Module 10 -  GLOBAL G.A.P. Chain of Custody has been developed in association with Global G.A.P. to enable food producers and manufacturers packing fresh produce to make a claim of origin from a Global G.A.P. Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) certificated producer or producer group, where the Global G.A.P. GRN numbers are added to their product packaging. 

  • Additional Module 11: Meat Supply Chain Assurance


    The Additional Module 11 -  Meat Supply Chain Assurance is applicable to meat processing facilities who wish to demonstrate to customers an increased transparency of their meat supply chains and verification of authenticity. It includes an in-depth verification of traceability of the meat supply chain and processes to prevent contamination between meat species. This Additional Module was developed with UK industry, retailer and food service companies to provide whole supply chain assurance.

    DOWNLOAD - Position Statement for the Meat Supply Chain Assurance Module 11


  • Additional Module 12: Association of European Coeliac Societies (AOECS)


    The Additional Module 12 -  Association of European Coeliac Societies (AOECS) is applicable to food manufacturers producing gluten-free foods in accordance with the AOECS standard. The Additional Module may be used globally, but has been developed with particular reference to European legislation and requirements of the AOECS.

  • Additional Module 13: Food Safety Culture Module


    The Additional Module 13 -  Culture Excellence: Food Safety Culture Module is an assessment of the food safety culture of sites providing a score against 4 key measures of food safety culture and People, Process, Purpose and Proactivity to allow identification and measurement of improvement. Click here to download a copy.



  • Additional Module 15: Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)


    The Additional Module 15 - Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is specifically designed to assist sites in understanding, meeting and providing verification to customers that those prescriptive elements with the Preventative Controls portion of FSMA are detailed in the audit, and report. This preparedness assessment is essential for any site currently or interested in doing business with US based customers.

  • Private Additional Modules


    BRC Global Standards work with many specifiers to create a private audit regime if they wish to create additional requirements above and beyond what is set down in our core BRC Global Standards. This is arranged and managed by BRC Global Standards who would work with specific certification bodies and their auditors to ensure the private standard is available on one of our information platforms, the auditors are trained to these requirements and we dedicate a part of the BRC Global Standards Directory where the results can be securely uploaded in a privately-held area.


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