Frequently Asked Questions

The frequently asked questions relating to the Global Standards certification scheme

General Questions

  • How can I become certificated?


    There are quick start guides for all of our products. A good first step is to understand the requirements by purchasing or downloading the BRC Global Standard you are interested in on the BRC Bookshop, then go on our training understanding requirements course before contacting the certification body of your choice for the audit

  • How much does it cost?


    We don't control the final cost of audit. This is entirely the site's agreed rate with their chosen certification body

  • What happens when I have non-conformities?


    Non-conformities are classified as critical, major or minor depending on their severity against brand risk. Any critical non compliance is a failure or certificate withdrawal. The site has a certain amount of time to correct any resultant issues to be awarded a certificate

  • Not satisfied with your auditor?


    We operate a special service where sites can talk privately about the performance of an auditor. "Tell BRC" is followed up by us and we have a number of compliance auditors that can help investigate any issues

  • How do I select a certification body


    BRC Global Standards offers a search facility through the BRC Directory which selects available certification bodies by geography and scheme. We also performance manage every partner and give them a 1 star to 5 star rating based on a number of KPIs we measure and track. You may use this as further information that can help you make the right choice

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