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The frequently asked questions relating to the Global Standards certification scheme

Certification Bodies

  • How to become a BRC auditor?


    For a company to be issued a certificate against any of BRC Standards they must be audited against the Standard by an auditor who will issue a report. This report and the action taken by the company to correct identified non-conformities will be reviewed by an independent individual or panel of the certification body and certification approved or declined. All certificates must be issued via a BRC approved certification body. Therefore, any auditor must work for a certification body, which may be on an employed or contracted basis. An independent auditor cannot issue BRC certificates. The certification body is responsible for ensuring that the auditor fulfils the specified competency requirements, is registered with the BRC and that skills and knowledge of all registered auditors are maintained. Generally auditors are required to have: An appropriate higher education qualification such as a degree or diploma Appropriate post qualification work experience (usually around 5 years in industry) A recognised third party auditor qualification Qualification in HACCP or risk assessment Audit experience – generally a specified number of audits including those against BRC Global Standards Completed BRC training in the specified Global Standard If you are interested in becoming a BRC auditor there a number of training courses available that may help you. You should contact a certification body to establish their requirement for auditors.

  • Working with BRC as a certification body


    If you’re a certification body that wants to work with BRC Global Standards you will need to be recognised by a National Accreditation Body and accredited to the ISO/IEC 17065:2012 Standard. The 17065 includes requirements for maintaining the confidentiality of information, independence and impartiality of the audit and certification process. And it also sets out the need for documented procedures for the audit process; for the selection and training of auditors; and establishes the rights of clients to complain and appeal against decisions.

  • Recognition by an Accreditation Body


    To work with us you will need to apply to a National Accreditation Body recognised by BRC Global Standards. Accreditation demonstrates your ability to carry out audits against standards such as the BRC Global Standards. And it also allows for independent verification of your certification body and the way you manage the audit and certificate issuing process.

  • Becoming a BRC certification body


    If you’re a certification body who wants to register to work with BRC Global Standards, please contact us to request a Certification body application form. Find out what happens once you’ve sent your registration form by reading the Application process document. If successful, your certification body will then enter into a contract or framework agreement with BRC Global Standards and abide by its requirements. These include forwarding details of all BRC Global Standards audits carried completed and the results of those audits.

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