Partner Connection Programme

At BRC Global Standards, we believe in the strength and power of relationships, which is why we’ve introduced the BRC Partner Connection Programme for third party suppliers to help you increase your sales leads and grow revenues.

The programme gives you an opportunity to promote your goods and services to our 22,000 certificated sites worldwide, covering manufacturers and companies in the food, packaging, storage and distribution, agents and brokers, and consumer product sectors. In addition, you’ll be reaching the 30,000 monthly visitors to our websites, who include manufacturers, retailers, food service companies, consultants, specifiers, and government and regulatory officials.

To ensure the best results, the BRC Partner Connection Programme only partners with forward-thinking companies that provide first-class products or services relevant to our global audience.

To Download a copy of the BRC Partner Connection Programme Catalogue CLICK HERE

BRC Global Standards Partner connection programme

How does the Programme work?

  • You become a member of the BRC Partner Connection Programme and pay a £2000 annual fee.
  • Information about your products and services, along with links to your website and contact details, are added to our Partner Connection Programme catalogue in the Knowledge
  • Centre, which features on both the BRC Global Standards and BRC Business Services websites.
  • Your company is introduced to all BRC certificated sites with a short editorial feature in one of our quarterly Global Standards newsletters.
  • You benefit from our email marketing and social media promotion of the Partner Connection Programme, and receive the ‘In partnership with BRC Global Standards’ logo for use on websites and marketing materials.